Bath and Body Works has a group of the best massage oils that help to relax, moisturize the skin and replenish energy. As massage using oils helps to relax the body and relieve muscle pain after a hard day of work or doing household chores.

 It improves the psychological state and mood by relaxing and getting rid of tension and nervous pressure.

One of the best times to have a massage is in the winter season when the body needs warmth and the skin needs to be deeply moisturized to prevent chapping and drying. 

Massage with oils also helps stimulate blood circulation. It is also good that Bath and Body Works oils are free of parabens and sulfates that are harmful to the skin, making them completely safe for the body.

The best massage oils from Bath and Body Works:

1- EUCALYPTUS TEA Moisturizing Body Oil:

In this massage oil, eucalyptus helps clear the mind, while tea helps relieve negative emotions and improves mood. EUCALYPTUS TEA Moisturizing Body Oil has a light formula and is also fast-absorbing thanks to shea butter and argan oil that give skin great hydration and softness. It also contains essential oils and natural ingredients that improve your mood.

Gently massage your skin with a moisturizing oil while in the shower at a convenient time for you to get a clear mind and a better mood, also remember to breathe deeply to get the best results.

2-EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT Moisturizing Body Oil:

In this mint and eucalyptus massage oil, eucalyptus oil clears the mind and peppermint oil gives a relaxing feeling and improves mood. This oil features a light formula of argan oil and shea butter that works to keep moisture inside the skin throughout the day to give you 24 hours of hydration.

 This moisturizing oil is formulated with the best natural essential oils that provide refreshing scents and relaxation.

Massage your skin well while showering with eucalyptus oil and mint and enjoy smooth skin and superior hydration. You also have to breathe deeply to reach maximum relaxation and comfort.


Lavender oil is known for its ability to give calm and relieve stress. As well as cedarwood helps to relax, get relaxation, and calm at night after a long day.

 Massaging your body with lavender oil, cedarwood, helps to sleep comfortably and calmly as it moisturizes the skin and nourishes it with its natural ingredients and aromatic oils.


We all need from time to time to renew our energy when we feel stressed, the best solution is to massage the body using orange and ginger body oil, as orange oil gives you vitality and activity while ginger works to awaken and stimulate the senses.

 This oil consists of the aloe plant and bamboo tree extract in addition to the aromatic oils that help Improves mood and increases activity.

Which oil is best for massage?

Every body massage oil from Bath and Body works has a blend of natural aromatic oils and elements that moisturizes the skin. It depends on what you need the most. Whether you’re looking for a soothing massage or an energizing massage, you’ll find your perfect oil.

Body Massage oil Price in Dubai and KSA:

Moisturizing body oil comes at the price of 85 Saudi riyals or 35 AED, and you can get three pieces for 115 Saudi riyals. You can also save more money by using Bath and Body Works coupon code from Coupon Rush.

Body Massage oil 


Moisturizing body oil

85 Saudi riyals or 35 AED

3 Pieces of Moisturizing body oil

115 Saudi riyals

Bath and Body Works Discount Code:

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