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About Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works

Bath & Body Works specializes in bathroom and body care products as a whole, the owners of this brand have been driven by a passion for the conviction that today begins the bathroom, all the energy, and vitality that a person carries starts from the time of taking the morning bath, and it also ends in the bath after the trouble of work and exhaustion today.

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Bath and Body Works began appearing in the early 1990s when it joined the L Group, which is also the sponsor of Victoria's Secret, a brand famous for skincare products, perfumes, and cosmetics.

It didn't take a few years for Bath & Body Works to become one of the most popular retailers in the United States, from where it spread across all continents of the world.

However, the real breakthrough was for the Bath and Body Works brand in 2006 when a product catalog or product was launched, and the website was launched in November of the same year. The brand achieved a huge sales volume that exceeded the sister brand Victoria's Secret.

In 2008, Bath and Body Works opened its first international branches in Canada, and in 2010, the number of Bath and Body Works branches reached nearly 1,600 branches, and the first branch of Bath and Body Works outside the American continent in the State of Kuwait, and continued to spread in The Arab region and the Middle East are growing steadily, but the most important thing in this spread and identification of the brand is its website, especially the shift of the purchasing system in the Arab region to the approach of electronic buying from the Internet, and with the proliferation of shopping and retail sites, and increased demand by all people. 

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-Body care

-Hand Soaps

-Home Fragrance


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