Mihyar is the brand that reflects the real Arab Knight who is proud of this heritage and culture as well as coping with trendy fashion collections. As a Saudi brand, they strive to be the first choice for their customers. 

They offer ready to wear thobes, ghotra, shemagh, waistcoats, shoes and many other products of unmatched quality. They pay great attention to details while choosing the fabrics of thobes, from pure cotton and premium Zibda to soft-touch fabrics to satisfy the different tastes of the knights.  

Their products include the most important accessories that men need like luxurious pens, mobile cases, original leather wallets, prayer beads and grooming kits. Mihyar brand includes 32 stores across KSA to cater to Saudi men wherever they are.

3 categories to shop from Mihyar:


Thobe is the traditional Saudi wear for men. It represents heritage, culture, and pride. All knights pay attention to the quality and design of their thobes. Discover different kinds of thobes at Mihyar, from classic thobes, white formal thobes, and colored formal thobes to casual thobes, winter thobes, and limited edition thobes.’

If you want a formal thobe for less casual events and places, check out formal fashion thobe with the mandarin collar that enhances the style of the thobe giving it an ethnic touch. It features a zipper fastener at the center front placket with a welt pocket for more elegance. You can match it with classic shoes or Zubiri.

For casual outings and everyday use, check out the trendy casual thobe, it has a stylish shirt collar, cuffed sleeves, and a hidden zipper. It’s made with high quality fabric 95% cotton & 5% elastane for long-lasting comfort.


 Another important part of authentic Saudi wear is headwear known as Shemagh, Ghotra, and Kofia. Saudi Shemagh is available in different colors and patterns. For instance, check out cotton Shemagh in classic red and white patterns for classic elegance. 

Also, check out the white shemagh made from pure white cotton. Kofia completes the final look of the Saudi wear. It’s available in different patterns made from 100% cotton. 


Shoes add elegance to the final look. Check out traditional Zubiri as well as other shoes.

 Zubiri is made from genuine leather with a soft inner padding that provides softness and comfort. It’s perfect for everyday use. Match it with your Mihyar Thobe.

There are also casual leather shoes to give you a smart casual look ready to match any outfit. They’re available in different colors. 

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