Cerelac is one of the most popular children’s meals that contain nutrients. All types of Cerelac contain vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins needed to nourish and grow a child at an early age.

Is Cerelac Good For Babies?

 The child begins to take Cerelac from the age of six months, as it is preferred for children to consume milk only through breast milk or artificial feeding up to six months. 

CERELAC offers an appropriate gentle taste and texture for babies. It contains iron and vitamin C to help support the baby’s growth and development. CERELAC infant cereals should be added as part of a varied diet. 

CERELAC is the only infant cereals to contain probiotics. CERELAC is also made with a special technology called CHE (Cereals Hydrolysed Enzymatically) which breaks down carbohydrates into smaller components.

Cerelac flavours for children and its benefits:

1- Cerelac honey and wheat from 4 months old

Cerelac wheat is one of the delicious and nutritious types of Cerelac for babies from the age of six months, despite these recommendations, many mothers feed Cerelac to their children from the age of four months old babies because it is safe for children and Cerelac for weight gain if the child suffers from malnutrition.

 Cerelac Wheat with Iron + Pack is fortified with essential minerals and vitamins such as iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins A and C. It also contains Bifidus BL, which is a naturally active probiotic that contributes to strengthening the baby’s natural defenses.

 It helps your baby digest better and is free from preservatives, flavors, and colorings. If your child has a wheat allergy for babies, this type is not recommended because it contains gluten.

2- CERELAC Fruit Puree Banana Orange & Biscuit

While other types of Cerelac need to be prepared, this one is easy to use and ideal when you are outside the home, it is taken from the age of six months, it is one of the best types of Cerelac because it contains vitamin C that promotes the mental development of children.

 Vitamin C also contributes to strengthening the immune system in children, which helps your child’s body to protect and strengthen it, it is made from 100% natural fruits that are easy to digest, as it helps your child to adapt to solid foods after he gets used to eating milk.

3- Cerelac wheat and date pieces

This type is for children from the age of eight months, it is rich in iron, zinc, calcium, and minerals. It tastes delicious that children at that age love, as the child’s abilities to chew and swallow develop at that stage. CERELAC wheat with dates helps them to adapt to the flavors and textures of richer food.

Cerelac prices:

Cerelac prices vary according to the size of the package and the type of Cerelac, the price of the Cerelac puree starts at 5.22 Saudi riyals, and the five pieces together at 22.44 Saudi riyals.

 While the price of Cerelac – baby food Nestle Farmers Collection + vegetables – 250 gm to 19.11 Saudi riyals, as it is Cerelac wheat flour and infant milk 400 gm – 26.80 SAR.



Cerelac Puree

Starts at 5.22

Five Pieces of Cerelac Puree

22.44 Saudi riyals

Baby Food Nestle Farmers Collection + Vegetables - 250 gm

19.11 Saudi riyals

Cerelac wheat flour and infant milk 400 gm

26.80 SAR

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