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10% Discount On All Splash Products | Max Discount 50 AED/SAR


About Splash


Splash is a brand-sponsored by CenterPoint, owned by Landmark International Group, and although CenterPoint sponsors a number of other brands, Splash is the crown jewel among all of these brands.

Splash started as a clothing store, and it was the first store located in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, and from there it went to the world, the brand spreads through more than 150 branches distributed in 16 countries.

In addition to products that bear the Splash brand, Splash also sponsors a number of other brands that meet all the quality and price level requirements that Splash applies, among the most important of these brands:






-Lee Cooper

Splash Discount Coupons & Online Shopping:

- The site designers have endeavored to impart a unique personality to the site, while maintaining the factors of simplicity and ease of dealing, and away from the complexity and ambiguity.

- The main page of the site contains main categories of the contents of the site, men, women, children, accessories & shoes, Sections of the site appear in the form of videotapes, each of which contains the sub-categories for each section.

-There is a bundles section, and this section contains harmonious sets such as t-shirts with pants, or two pieces of the same type, This section aims to buy more and save more.

- Splash provides you the best discount coupons & promo codes 2020 which help you to get any product with the best discount ever.

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