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About Nisnass


The first appearance of the Nisnass website on December 2016, and since its inception setting its sights on achieving one goal, is to provide customers and shoppers with an integrated shopping service that reflects the high level of the site, the luxury of its brands, and also the high taste of its customers.

Nisnass specializes in selling high-end luxury clothing with large and luxurious brands, which is appropriate for the nature of the targeted customers in the Arab Gulf region, whose customers are characterized by a wide diversity of tastes, preferences, and choices.

Dealing with Nisnass site is a gateway to a worldwide world of fashion and high-end fashion, for every brand that Nisnass site displays its products, draws lines of fashion every year in the whole world, among the most important brands that Nisnass deals with:

-Kelvin Klein


- Jack & Jones

- Nike

- Puma

- Tommy Hilfiger

The site is designed based on the ultimate simplicity, which allows the customer to easily deal with the site and move smoothly between its pages, without there being any room for ambiguity or confusion, there are only three sections that are women, men, and children, and the sections are divided into sub-sections that include clothes and accessories And leather goods such as shoes, bags, etc.

Each section contains a set of different filters that customize the display of results, whether it is based on a specific brand, on a specific size, or even based on the percentage of discount that the site applies to products and the products offered on the site vary, as there are clothes for women, men and children, and shoes of all kinds.

Nisnass Store Top categories:

-Women’s Clothing

-Men’s Clothing

-Women’s Shoes

-Men’s Shoes

-Kids & Baby

-Baby’s Clothing 

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