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20% Off on Website+ 10% Extra Discount When using Code


20% Off on Website+ 10% Extra Discount When using Code


About Modanisa


Modanisa started its fashion journey for modest Islamic women from its website in Istanbul on Mother's Day March 21, 2011, The purpose was to present an advanced style of modest clothing that fits with the modern era and meets the requirements of their lives, It helped Modanisa quickly spread quickly, as it launched in 5 international languages, which are Turkish, Arabic, German, French, and English, to reach its customers in more than 130 countries around the world.

Modanisa is able to identify the tastes and requirements of its Muslim women clients around the world and to present her all innovations and new ideas that fit their clothing styles.

The number of clients dealing with the company's platforms and various applications has reached nearly 16 million visitors per month providing them with hundreds of international brands, and more than 70 thousand products shipped to countries of different continents of the world.

Modanisa Hijab Fashion:

This tremendous work done across platforms and applications depends on a team of young workers, who are efficient and dynamic, from all nationalities of the world, possesses the ability to serve clients wonderfully, and provides all facilities for them and solves all the problems they face with great affection and understanding, Modanisa includes these brands:









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-One of the reasons for the success of is the wonderful and varied design of the site, which is characterized by ease of registration, the pleasure of navigating between the different characteristics, a comfortable tab that facilitates the client's access to the required classification with ease, and an easy way to register requests and follow up on their implementation.

-The customer can also identify the product details in terms of color and material through the information attached to the pictures, and clear and clear pictures.

-There are many payment methods such as Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal.

-There is an option to return your order within 15 days from the delivery date.

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