Tania Water offers high-quality water in different packages like bottles and gallons. It received a quality certificate from Saudi Standards Authority. It provides excellent customer service for its customers ensuring fast and accurate delivery deadlines. 

Wherever you are Tania Water delivers right to your doorstep. Tania understands the needs of the customers that’s why they offer cartons and gallons to choose your preferred package. The packaging isn’t the only good point about Tania Water, it also has a low sodium rate for a healthy life. 

3 products to shop from Tania Water:

1-Refill 5 Gallon Bottle

If you need a clean and quality source of water at home, Tania Water Gallon is your best choice. It’s a perfect recyclable choice for environmentally aware customers. The gallon can be used by many people to reduce waste and impact on the environment.

 It’s sanitized by Tania Water professionals for your family’s health. Order it from Tania for 8.004 SAR.

2-New 5 Gallon Bottle

For customers who are looking for new gallon bottles, Tania Water offers high-quality new gallons for 13.8 SAR. Order it anytime and enjoy healthy water at home for the whole family. You don’t have to filter water or worry about its purity anymore. It’s perfect for homes, offices, public places, and more. 

3-Water Cartons

Life is fast and we often need to go from one place to another. Remember to keep a bottle of Tania Water in your bag to stay hydrated all day. Tania Water offers three types of water cartons with different sizes. Order the size of carton that fits your needs and your family. 

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