The white t-shirt is a favorite for many women. It just saves the day and looks stylish without any effort. As simple as it seems, the white t-shirt has many uses beyond your expectations. 

With this basic piece, you can create amazing outfits. Discover the cool ways you can style your white t-shirt with our guide.

1-Mom jeans

Do you have an outing and you have no clue what to wear? Grab your high waist mom jeans and tuck your white t-shirt in it. Add your favorite heels and handbag and you’re done! A white t-shirt with mom jeans does magic, in a few minutes you look stylish.

2-Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are from our favorite essentials. They make you look bold, stylish, and trendy. They also come in many designs and lengths to match your body shape. Make sure to choose a good quality leather jacket so it’s durable. 

Tuck in your white t-shirt in black pants or jeans, wear your leather jacket, and add a black belt. Complete the rockstar look with some gold accessories. 

3-Wear it with a sequins skirt

Do you have a sequins skirt or a skirt that looks a little more fancy? You can still wear it often without looking overdressed. Wear it with your white t-shirt and denim jacket and you’re ready to go.

4-A Slip dress

Have you wondered how to wear trendy slip dresses? Just wear your white t-shirt under them and you’ll look fabulous! You can get the full trendy look by wearing sneakers and a tote bag.

5-A suit

Suits look good in many styles. Whether It’s made of a skirt and blazer or pants and blazer. Your white t-shirt is more than a casual item. You can wear it with a suit and master the lady boss look. 

Suddenly your suit looks like an elegant yet trendy look.


We all feel tempted to buy jumpsuits especially denim jumpsuits that look comfy and trendy. If you’re looking for a way to make them look stylish effortlessly, wear your white t-shirt under them.

7-Literally any pants

Now we love pants more than ever. They’re versatile, easy to wear, and helps us go through the day. There are a variety of pants trends, from checkered pants and printed pants to Aladdin pants and cropped pants. What’s common is they all look cool with a white t-shirt. 

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