All new parents need a car seat for their babies to hold them securely out of home and make sure they’re comfortable. There are a lot of options out there and probably, you’re confused about which one is best for your baby. Check out our guide on buying baby car seats.

There are two types of car seats regulations worldwide. R44 and iSize. R44 (developed in the 1980s) which retired in January 2018 

 Car seats manufactured under R44 are still safe and it’s not illegal to use them. But new i-Size car seats (introduced from 2013) are the most comfortable and safe ways for babies to travel in the car.

Car seats options:

Infant carrier car seat: 

i-Size infant carry car seats (up to 75 or 85cm, which is around the 15 or 18 months)

These car seats generally last to a maximum of 85cm (depending on the model). i-Size isn’t for specific ages, but generally, you’ll use an infant carrier car seat until your baby is around 15 months old.

These are a highly portable and easy to carry car seat option, allowing you to move your baby from car to pushchair without waking them. Simply attach the car seat to your travel system buggy.

Carry car seats are rear-facing only – the safest way to hold your baby. It is recommended that car seats are used in the rear seats of the car only as it is the safest location in the car for babies to sit. 

Side-impact protection (cushioning at the sides of the car seat). If there’s any crash, both cushions protect your baby but also absorbs the force of the impact, to secure your newborn’s spine, neck, and muscles.

Can be installed using the car’s standard three-point seatbelt or an Isofix base. Using an Isofix base is the safest way to seat your baby and matches (i-Size) regulations. However, if you only can install using a car seat belt, the seat itself is still safe.

It offers a built-in sunshade to protect your baby from the sun while taking a nap.

Combination Car seats

These are bigger, heavier pieces than infant carrier car seats as they have to last children until they are much older than newborns. They’re also manufactured to stay in the car and can’t be transported easily.

These car seats last longer than infant-carry car seats and so may be considered a better investment for some parents. Also many come with Isofix included in the price tag. They can also be rear and forward-facing when needed.

Main features to search for

-If you’re using the car seat from birth, make sure it has a rear-facing setting. Babies must be rear-facing in their car seats until a minimum of 15 months old. But it’s recommended that children remain rear-facing up to age four.

-Side cushions protect your child but also absorbs the force of the impact.

-An adjustable headrest is important for combination car seats to ensure the seat is safe and grows with your child.

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